Update Log

  • Added a small mini-essay of Animal covered by Momose Amane to the "Fan Stuff" collection.
  • Overhauled the OC, Special Interests and Writing pages into the Fan Stuff collection (WIP, currently inaccessible).
  • Added a poem.
  • Added a poem.
  • Corrected some typoes in published poems.
  • Added a poem.
  • Updated front page.
  • Added a poem.
  • Updated Discord handle information.
  • Updated poetry navigation.
  • Added a poem.
  • Temporarily removed special interests page for rework.
  • Added Broadcast #5.
  • Updated special interests page.
  • Updated stances info.
  • Added a poem.
  • Added TMBD to the special interest page.
  • Minor update to the special interest page.
  • Added a page for our writing to go, eventually.
  • Added Broadcast #4.
  • Added Broadcast #3.
  • Site-wide CSS updates to improve legibility and minimise jarring effect when switching between main site pages and Iterator OC pages.
  • Added a Meet The Iterators section for TIS.
  • Updated Iterator OC CSS.
  • Added a second Iterator broadcast.
  • Added an Iterator broadcast through the OCs page.
  • Added a disclaimers page re. our fancontent.
  • Added a further page on game corruption and glitches.
  • Minor text updates.
  • Added update log.