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Please note that many of our poems disucss or reference topics that may be difficult or triggering for some. They may also contain discussions and references to many serious topics. These topics may be difficult, triggering and/or upsetting to some. Please heed the content notes provided and use your discretion to decide whether or not to engage with our poetry. We won't be offended if you are not in a space to engage with our work. If you think we have missed a content note, please contact us via our contact page.

A Letter To The Child In The Photo

Content notes: metaphorical references to death, particularly child death, and references to dissociation and unreality.


Content notes: references to death and funerals, references to pain, brief allusion to dissection and reference of flaying, references to derealisation, depersonalisation and unreality.

pitter patter kitty cat

Content notes: unsuitable for those who do not like or who fear cats, very brief food mentions, repetition.

real / real (plain text)

Content notes: references to death, implications and allusions to killing/manslaughter, references of bodily harm, references to potentially paranoia-inducing behaviours. This poem also contains strong usage of repetition, bold-italic text and all-caps.


Content notes: frequent reference to consuming possibly-unsafe water, allusions to child mistreatment and attempted kidnapping, brief description of a funeral, death and poisoning.

shattering glass, making new shapes

Content notes: discussions and references to depersonalisation and unreality, descriptions of bodily harm, particularly allusions to eye trauma and injuries, allusions to flaying and flashbacks, brief references to needles and stitching.


Content notes: brief swearing, descriptions of blades and implied past self-harm, discussion of implied addiction and past self-harm, references to invalidation of mental health issues, semi-detailed descriptions of blood, with implications of past self-harm.


Content notes: brief mention of cigarettes, brief mentions of time passing, brief mentions and allusions to derealisation and unreality, repetition.