The Echoez System

Hi there! We are the Echoez, a multigenic plural system from England. We are bodily physically and mentally disabled, white and hearing. We have over 250 members, most of whom are fictives. We collectively go by the names Echo or Ev.

If possible, please use tone tags for us! We are autistic, and for us that means that we sometimes have difficulties telling tone. We won't disclose our exact disabilities and system structure here for our own safety and privacy, but we will say that we have disabilities that affect our processing, mobility and pain, and that our system is likely disordered to some extent. We do have blurry and sensitive eyesight, so please bear that in mind if you are messaging us! Please also note that we struggle to understand auditory content that does not contain subtitles.

We have made OCs for the Splatoon series and Rain World. You can find more information about them on our OCs page! If you are curious about what our special interests are, you can find out more information on our page for our special interests.

Our first language is English, and we are learning Mandarin and French. We use they, 他 and il pronouns in each. If you don't know how to refer to us, you are more than welcome to ask!





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Disclaimer: some pages may be out of date due to sporadic maintenance.
If any queries about out of date information, message us on Discord [under Contacting us].
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